Thursday, November 10, 2011

Project Reviews

Here are the reviews

Shh Its A Secret: The opening is amazing. The effect of black and white really makes the movie better. I like how during the dance they said the quotes. The singing in the background music makes it perfect. The editor seemed to do a great job. It was either the horrible talking in the background or the narrator did not speak loud enough.

Flinstones: I enjoyed the lovely the flip book. I could see the movement. I wish the movie was a bit longer; I would have liked to see more movement and I never heard or saw any quotes. It went too quick. The editor needs to make the introduction longer.

The Void: The buzzy is very annoying and takes away from the normal boring music. I love the movement with the blocks. The quote Peyton wrote was very lovely and very true to art. The effects of the black and white impacted a lot of the video. I would see each art in this video. Their should bbe no excuses of your video. You should have gotten it done. This video was bittersweet.

*Movement: It goes to fast. Talk slower. The camera is too shakey and moves too much at some parts. I wish at some parts there was more effects, but the parts where there was effects was AMAZING. It made me speechless at the end. The music was a bit too loud in the beginning though. The music should be a little bit softer. I would change some things, but the ending wow I would change a thing. You just said "It was made to be shakey." But it would have been better if it was a slow shake.

Cherry Bomb: The people in background in the beginning is annoying. I like the rest of the video was AMAZING. I couldn't hear the quote. The dancers did a great song. The video was a bit fast; I enjoyed of it being fast, but not as fast. The connection of the story line should have been better. That is all I have  to say.

Crazy Hair: (Mine) I loved the music. I didn't like the beginning. I felt like the switching of the narrators was too fast. The first one should be a bit louder. The music and singing was amazing I must say. I enjoyed watching the video very much. It made me have a giggle.

Motion Hands: The music is amazing. I love to see the hands playing the piano. I wish it had affects on the hands. I love the music in the background. The fast motion was very clever. The color pencils showed visual arts and that cute. The way they rewind the many parts was a good idea as well.

The Circles

In New Works this time we had to make a picture that had five circles in it and the picture had to have two textures in it. Being myself I made more textures and added textures in three of the circles. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Movement Project

I was assistant director for our project or newworks. We decided to name it "Crazy Hair" because most of us in the small group have lets say different hair. I helped film the scenes in which I was not part of and I also put my music video in the video we already had to show more movement. Caitlin played a huge role in our project; she was not only the singer, but also the editor. Without her all the mistakes and also all the glitches would still be in the video. Ellek was another big role in our video. Well I must each person in our video is a big role. Ellek she was an actor and a camera person, as we say. Mostly everyone had at least one turn to film someone else that was in front of the camera. Everyone was in the movie; back to the amazing people who created it. Since we had in our group a pair of Lauren's; we had to say Lauren 1 and Lauren 2 which was quite silly. Lauren 1 was the director and of course the camera person. Also the actor. Lauren 2 was the actor assistant director and also our writer and speaker for the quotes. Our video is about movement. We move everyday. That was the first thing you ever do when you do when you are born take up space and movement, and well of course scream our heads off. We move our way through life everyday. Paul Baker's philosophy we use everyday. Its part of us and our life's.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs

Yeah okay sooo we all know they guy from apple died; he lost to cancer. Everyone seems pretty worried about the whole situation and well truly for me I believe everything will be OKAY. The world will move on. There was no big gasp when a small 3rd grader died or a old lady of the age 75 died. Yes he made many things and has helped us all in sooo many ways. He made a dent in the world; he made a difference. Its okay though guys! Someone else can take his spot, I'm not saying he is being replaced and we should forget about it or not worry I'm saying yes it is really depressing but also its going o be okay. He made a difference in the world and changed our life's. He will be missed and never forgotten. He soul is in Apple and Apple will live on forever.

Friday, September 30, 2011


So NewWorks is about how we bring together the arts. This class has visual arts, theater, music, and dance all together. We do flash mobs, so be out in the look for us. We explore Paul Bakers philosophy and how to use space. We can use space by moving, by drawing, by using a stage and acting, or by cyber space. We can use space in many ways. We also did music videos! That was super fun. We work with not to only work with our cluster, but also with others. I recommend if you go to Booker T Washington to take this class.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The door

She was hiding from her drunken father. SHe had no where else to go. No where else to hide. Her mother left her when she was only seven. Ever since her father's rage could not be tamed. Each day she was beaten and was raped twice this month.

BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! he had foound her once again. Her sparkling ocean blue eyes raced around the room hoping for a small space to hide from reality. All of the sudden a small door appears on the sad gray wall. Slightly open pleading for Jane to step in. CRASH! Jane's father's fist is sticking out the door. As he smirks he yells with anger in his voice "Ready for your daily beating?!" His dirty hands began to search for the silver nob.

She doesn't know wether to stay and die or leave and live....perhaps. BOOM! HE breaks in slamming the door making it echo through out the house. Jane leaves the door slightly open look at her father search for her. She closes the door slowly and begins to walk backwards quietly.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The sky

I truly believe that the sky is pink
you might say blue
or you might say navy
but i say pink
pink is the color of cotton candy
the clouds like cotton candy by the way
the clouds are a piece of our mind  in the sky
the birds that fly oh sooo high
are our troubles flying by